Mujavid Bukhari

Developer. Designer. Entrepreneur.


Fall 2014 - present

Satifs is the UK's first interest-free loans company. It's also an engine driving social change, creating a platform to share stories, ideas and skills with the world.

I manage our online platform, through which we have raised over £40,000 for interest-free loans. As the technical lead, I also oversee recruitment, business strategy and operations. I speak at our events about career development and entrepreneurship.

Scoodle App on iPhone Shadow of iPhone


Fall 2015 - present

Scoodle completely reimagines the tutoring experience. It is the world’s most advanced, intuitive, and secure tutor application system.

At Scoodle, I am responsible for interface design front end and mobile developement. As part of a duo of developers, I have built the beta for our iOS application. I have also designed over 30 different application views as well as all marketing and branding material.

Safar Academy

Fall 2015 - present

Safar Academy is a supplementary school in North London with five branches and its own internationally acclaimed syllabus.

At Safar Academy, I am building a student management suite used to aid the education of over 800 students. The system utilises an asynchronous, mobile-first UI for the front end built on bootstrap and JavaScript. The backend consists of several restful web services built in rails.


Fall 2015 - present

In fall 2015, I began reading Computer Science (BSc) at University College London. So far I have taken modules on Programming Styles, Algorithms and Data Structures, Object-oriented Programming and Robotics.

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Summer 2014 - Fall 2014

With over 27 million users, Codecademy teaches the whole world to code. It is committed to building the best learning experience inside and out.

I created resources used to teach coding to over 100,000 students across the UK. We used these resources to aid, guide and empower teachers new to teaching coding.

Based in London, I specialise in both mobile and web application developement. Before engineering, I freelanced as a designer for the last six years, working in print and interface design. I spend the bulk of my time working with high impact startups focusing on education and entrepreneurship.

This site is an ongoing project for me to try out the latest front end technologies. Curl to find out more.